Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wisconsin 101: The cobbler and the pyschic

Tell me you wouldn't have looked at this sign on the door of the shoe repair guy's shop and thought, "He's dead!"

(He's not. He's taking an EMT class. That might have been useful information to put on the sign.)


Lindy said...

What I love about this sign...

(1) They started to write shoemaker with "SC" and had to cross out the "C." The German word for shoemaker is schuster. Sometimes I think I live in Germany.

(2) Is he really a shoemaker? Is he not a shoe repairman or a cobbler? What kinds of shoes does he make? Maybe he tells his mother he MAKES shoes to impress her.

(3.) I know it's killing you not to mention the missing apostrophe.

Class factotum said...

Lindy, I didn't even notice the crossed-out "C."

He might be a shoemaker. He is a fourth-generation cobbler, I know. Maybe she didn't know how to spell "cobbler?"

About the apostrophe. Yeah. I am trying to keep the scold inside me. It's hard, but I am trying not to be That Person. You know. The one who always has to correct everyone else. It's enough to know on the inside that I'm Right.