Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wisconsin 101: The independent gas station

Gas station attendant: How much?

Me: Pardon?

GSA: How much gas do you want?

Me: Um. Fill 'er up. [I cannot remember the last time those words came out of my mouth.]

GSA: Cash or charge?

Me: Oh, credit.

GSA: There's a five-cent discount for cash.

Me: Is that already in the price?

GSA: No.

Me [who just has to tell everyone how to run his business]: That would be useful information to post there. [I point to the price sign that you see from the street.]

GSA: Oh, it's there on the window.

Yeah. In small print. And you have to be stopped at the station and looking at the window to notice it.

Me: You don't want it out here?

GSA: It's a secret.

GSA [looks at pump, which says $35.68]: $35.

Me: Really?

GSA: The discount.

Me: OK.

But I do the math later and he has given me six-cent y pico per gallon discount. Maybe he hates making change?

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