Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Aggies sit down! part 2

My tooth still hurts and I am going to tell you about my root canal (to be), but first I have to get your opinions about standing at concerts. I have ignited a firestorm - well, maybe a lighter - at the Milwaukee paper online in the comments to the review of the Eric Clapton/Roger Daltrey concert SH and I attended last night.

The issue?

Does one sit or does one stand at a rock concert?

I am of the sitting school. I have paid good money, even for the lawn seats, for my admission and I do not want to stand for two and a half hours. I cannot believe that all the standers are standing voluntarily. It's either peer pressure or desperation - they want to see the band and the only way they can do so is to stand because everyone in front of them is standing.

It only takes a few standers to ruin a concert for everyone.

Other commenters on the review have said that only old people want to sit.


When Heather and I saw The Who our sophomore year of college, we sat on the floor of the Astrodome. I even fell asleep because I had stayed up the night before studying for my Psyc 201 final.

Which was no help, by the way. It took me a while to figure out that a roll meant that the class was easy to ace if you 1. attended class every session, 2. did the readings, and 3. did the homeworks. I thought a roll was a class where you did not have to go at all and could still get an A. That might be why I did better in my hard classes than in my easy ones. Physics? A. Differential equations? B+. Probability and statistics for non-science and engineering majors? C.*

Back to the standing issue. The concert last night was outdoors. We had lawn tickets because we did not want to pay double for the wooden seats only to have to stand anyhow. The lawn is sloped. If everyone sits, everyone can see.

But I have seen the standing even at nice, indoor venues. Places where I want to wear something besides my everyday outfit of gym clothes and tennies. Where I would like to show my husband and the world that I can be reasonable well groomed and attractive. Which includes high heels. Which means I really don't want to stand.

Yet everyone stood for The Gipsy Kings and for Tom Jones, not exactly the names to bring in the youths.

Do I surrender? Or stage a sit-in?

* In grad school, I got one of the highest As in the class in P&S. But by then, I had learned to treat school as a job: do the readings the night before, go to class,do the homework, repeat. So late smart.

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