Thursday, June 10, 2010

Glamor Don'ts

I know I am a What Not To Wear Before, even on the best of days, but there are certain fashion mistakes that are obvious to anyone who spends time in an airport.

1. If it's cold enough for socks, it's too cold for Tevas.

2. If it's formal enough for a blazer, it's too formal for Tevas. Tevas are not the basic black of the shoe world. They do not go with everything, contrary to what you, middle aged businessman with the little gray ponytail flopping on your balding head, have been told. They do not make you look hip. Neither does the hair.

3. Some women have the thighs to wear a miniskirt. Some do not. That is all on that subject.

4. It costs $25 to check a bag and you get one carryon. You're really going to bring your pillow from home? (Not fashion, but notable.)

5. The Sikh with the pink turban and pink shirt should really get together with the cute blonde Mennonite young woman in the pink dress. Diversity yet harmony.


Gary said...

If its a guy, those are probably not Tevas, but Birkenstocks. It's a Silicon Valley thing. It's often done with socks. And some of those wearing Birkenstocks with socks are rich. Very very rich. Perhaps they are on to something.

John0 Juanderlust said...

what are Tevas?

Class factotum said...

Gary, are you saying that wearing the sandals with the socks leads to wealth?

John, Tevas are sandals that aren't even leather.

Linda Pressman said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Maybe the guys in the Tevas are trying to show how active and outdoorsy they are, since they're sandals with some heavy tread. I had to buy both my kids pairs for sleepaway camp last year and they cost a fortune. My kids knew they looked nerdy and the shoes came back virtually unused.

kristinintexas said...

When I was a kid, Tevas were the thing. I had a pair of Teva knock-offs and it was never the same.

Anonymous said...

Tevas are fine for kids if the kids want them. But grown men with little gray ponytails? And with socks? It's the socks/blazer combination that is so bad. Tevas and shorts? OK. But Tevas, socks and a blazer. Really.