Saturday, June 12, 2010

The good life

Have you ever had one of those days where your friend Kim who married your friend from grad school Luke and you're so happy she did because now you have another cool person in your life picks you up from the train station in downtown San Francisco where you see the two old African ladies in their beautiful dresses and turbans and the young guy with the mohawk made of tiny little ponytails so he doesn't have to put glue in his hair and takes you to a little Mexican place in the Mission District for lunch and then to the Good Consignment stores where the used clothes prices are higher than some of the new clothes prices you are used to seeing and you tell the girl who is not sure about the teal Spanish heels with the multiple straps across the top of the foot, never worn, $300 originally and now $50 that if she doesn't buy them, you will, and sadly, she buys them, and then you find a couple of things that you think, Well, maybe, but you don't love them even though they are on super sale for $10 and $15, which, as SH points out, is only two and three in beer units so just buy them already, but then you find It?

The Coat. The One Thing You Can't Live Without and Will Regret to the Day You Die if you don't buy it?

I did.

I found it. It was a great price. It will make me happy every time I wear it for its own sake and because it will remind me of my friends.


Anonymous said...

LOl, that was a very long Steinbeck sentence!

LPC said...

Well yes and I bet you look wonderful and are you in my neck of the woods I hope and also enjoying our gorgeous weather?

sfgirl said...

That is one hot coat!

Class factotum said...

LPC, I have had a great time. We went to the Bonita lighthouse today and then spent the afternoon and evening with SH's stepkids and the new baby. We have to leave tomorrow a.m., alas.