Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wisconsin 101: Polish Fest vs Summerfest

What you find at Polish Fest that you don't find at Summerfest.

Nuns (and anyone else using a walker).

Old ladies in native costume.

Chess tournaments.

The Polka Police.

And polka lessons, about which I will write more later, but let me just say that SH is a trouper and I knew he could dance if he just had the right teachers.

And the food. Pierogi, potato, cheese, and meat versions, stuffed cabbage, sausage, potato pancakes with applesauce, kolaszcki. Etc, etc, etc. Although this stuff might be available at Summerfest. This is Wisconsin and food is one of the most important things here. Got to build up that Milwaukee Roll for the long, cold winter ahead, you know.


Staircase Witch said...

Wow, play (and be roundly defeated by) a Grand Master for just $2 a pop! What a bargain.

Michaela said...

Cute! Cute! Cute Polish people. Luv your photos....