Thursday, July 08, 2010

Chats du jour: Playing possum

It's been a while since I posted a cat picture. Oh. Wait. It's been only a couple of days since I posted a cat picture. But that was a rerun.

Shirley is sprawled in the place I sit to work on the computer. It's her new favorite place, probably because she gets to inconvenience me.

I am putting up this photo because I am too lazy to write. Today is the day I do housework, so I have been busy slaving for The Man, cleaning the bathroom and doing the laundry and hanging it out because I Care but my Caring does not count because I Care for the wrong reasons, i.e., I don't line-dry my clothes because I am an environmentalist but because 1. I am cheap and 2. I like the smell.

Then there is the washing of the floor and the annual Cleaning of the Thingie at the Bottom of the Refrigerator. Plus the all too frequent Removal of the Hair from the Bathtub drain because my hair is still falling out, even though I stopped taking that stupid drug two weeks ago. My hairdresser told me it might take a few months before I stop losing hair. Great. I will be bald and chunky for my 25-year college reunion in October because really, I am too lazy to diet.


wildstorm said...

Inconvenience is the key word. That is exactly it and that is why cats situate themselves in such a manner.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

No, you will NOT be bald and chunky for your reunion. But you will, as always, be clever and funny. You can always bring photos of the cats, cuz they are adorable!

Class factotum said...

Wildstorm, it's like they have an Inconvenience Meter that lets them gauge and optimize inconvenience.

Maureen, I always worried about being the crazy spinster on the corner with all the cats. Now I am going to be the crazy married lady who shows photos of her cats to her classmates!

PS Thank you. :)