Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lowe's vs Sears

Already Lowe's is winning the customer service war about the chest freezer that SH and I have been debating for two years.* It is supposed to be delivered this afternoon. I got to pick my delivery time when I bought the freezer last week. I got a phone call last night from the local delivery service reminding me that the freezer would be delivered today and asking that I call them if there were any changes. They will call half an hour before they arrive.

Now contrast this to our washer and dryer buying experience from the Sears scratch and dent center two years ago.

No, our house seller did not leave the washer and dryer, even though we offered him money to do so. I just didn't want to go through the hassle of buying appliances, plus they were red, which I really liked. He, the man who did not cover his food in the microwave for the entire year he lived here so obviously knows or cares nothing about appliances, just had to have the washer and dryer.

We bought a washer and dryer. White. Red is extra and I am too cheap for that. The most Sears could promise us on delivery was that we could call the day before to see if they were delivering in our zip code. I could not request a date or a time; I could only take an available time once offered.

I finally picked a time: afternoon of whatever date. As in, after 12 but before 6.

They didn't come. They didn't come.

This might not have been such a big deal except we had not yet moved into the house. I had no food there except several cans of tuna, which gets pretty boring, nothing to read, no place to sit.

I called (many times) to ask where my major appliances were.

Sears referred me to their delivery service.

The delivery service asked if I was "being in Milwaukee City?"

"Where are you?" I demanded.

"I cannot be telling you for security reasons."


1. Because a Sears delivery service is a prime terrorist target.
2. Because the call center was in India.
3. Because if I knew where it was, even India, I still would have found a way to get there and choke the CSRs I dealt with over the next six hours as I waited from noon until NINE PM to get my washer and dryer delivered.

* Is it worth it? What would we put it in it? Oh, my uncle Larry's venison bratwurst, which is fed to only the most special of guests or to people SH wants to feed it to against my will. A quarter of a grass-fed beef. Miller's pretzel rolls when I find them on the day-old shelf for half price. Tomatoes from my garden because freezing is easier than canning.

Yes it has taken us two years to decide. On a $300 purchase.**

** We thought about getting one used. I looked at craigslist and the used ones are not that much cheaper than new, plus we would have to borrow Regina and Eric's minivan to retrieve it and how much is SH's very limited free time worth? We would have to carry it into the basement ourselves and we wouldn't even know if it worked. So. New it is.

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