Saturday, July 24, 2010

Marriage 201, Lecture 484: The rights of man

SH: Should we move [the stuff in the kitchen that we are taking to the cottage in four hours]? The cats might get into it while we're at tennis.

Me: No. Let's just lock the cats in the basement.

SH: Why don't we just put it in the dining room?

Me: Because that takes it further from the car and then we'll have more work to load.

SH: But the cats have had a hard couple of days! They've had to deal with their box being moved and with those kids. I don't want to put them in basement!


Lindy said...

The Week Crossword No. 75
40 Across: Factotum - five letters
Answer: DOALL

Lindy said...

Ok... so what does "class factotum" mean? Is it class as in classy? Is it factotum as in jack-of-all-trades?

Class factotum said...

Lindy, have you seen the movie "School of Rock?" There's a know-it-all character in the movie who is always waving her hand for the teacher to call on her. She was the class factotum. My former boyfriend and I saw that movie together and he said I was just like her.

So not only am I a doall, I am a knowall.

Michaela said...

Hi CF, I was hoping for some witty yet ascerbic remarks on the 3 small children. Maybe Laverne & Shirley might have a few things to say on that subject? BTW sorry to hear about your basement situation. Not Good. Not good at all! xx

class factotum said...

Actually, the kids were really good with the cats - they were loving on Laverne and she was eating it up. But after a while, she just wanted to be alone. She's not used to little kids. Shirley wanted nothing to do with anyone, so she hid in the basement.

It was a nice visit.

Heather said...

Funny how the small things in life are thought over with the cats in mind!