Sunday, July 18, 2010

Marriage 201, Lecture 490: The thrill of the hunt

Me: What's this?

SH: Ketchup. It was on sale.

Me: We don't need it.

SH: It was only 78 cents.

Me [yanking open the fridge and pulling out the bottle of ketchup that I brought from my house in Memphis IN 2008 and is still HALF FULL]: Look. We don't use that much ketchup.*

SH: But it was a bargain!

Me: It's not a bargain if we DON'T NEED IT. We use ketchup at the rate of one bottle every five years.

SH [mutters]: It was a good deal.

* Plus there is another bottle in the pantry.


Michaela said...

Golly gosh. Way to get rid of excess ketchup: hold a kids party and give them plenty of hotdogs. Kids love ketchup! xxx

Anonymous Mother said...

Donate it to the Food Pantry. That's what I did with the four bags of chocolate chips that I bought on sale--prior to my deciding to get serious about weight loss.

Class factotum said...

Michaela, we have to have some kids at our house later this week. Maybe I'll feed them just ketchup.

Mom, SH wants to donate it to the FP, but I want him to take it back, along with the microwave popcorn and baked beans.

LPC said...

I need a bottle of ketchup! Thanks, SH!

TosaGuy said...

I stopped dating a woman because she liked ketchup too much. She ate it with a spoon.

Class factotum said...

LPC, he has won the fight and is keeping the ketchup, so I can't send it to you. But if you are ever in Milwaukee, you are welcome to come over and have some of it. Or some of my uncle's bratwurst. You are brat worthy.

TG, that is an excellent reason to break up with someone. I eat Nutella from the jar, but that's completely different.

Lindy said...

I would think that the ketchup from 2008 would be expired. Your frugalness doesn't include expired food, does it?