Sunday, July 11, 2010

Marriage 201, Lecture 948: Thrifty

Me: Maybe we could buy you some new athletic socks.

SH: It would be a waste to buy new socks.

Me: There's a hole in the toe.

SH: As long as I wear it on my right foot, it's OK.

Me: Yet we have 40 gajillion candles and you have 85 blue shirts.

SH: The important thing is to buy things when you need them. Or when they're on sale.

Me: So you think we can use all those candles before we die?

SH: I dunno. What if there's a power outage? There's something more satisfying about buying something because it's a great deal, whether you need it or not. It's not as much fun to buy it just because you need it.

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