Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wisconsin 101: Don't mess with the librarians

Because they are serious about overdue fines here.


TosaGuy said...

Tosa librarians epitomize the "rules are rules" crowd. I visit lots of libraries for my job and Tosa librarians are probably the most rude and condescending of all.

Class factotum said...

Really? They've been really nice to me. They'll let me get only one of the movies I have on hold instead of taking them all. Maybe you get the good AAA people and I get the good librarians. (There are, however, a couple of them whom I avoid.)

Michaela said...

Class Baby, you are the organized kinda girl that librarians love. I bet you always bring your books back on time. Without coffee stains, or dog ear'd pages. There is something about me, however, that makes librarians clench their teeth when I come in the library. They are right to worry. Muahahahaaaaa!