Sunday, August 08, 2010

In the beginning, or, TMI from the Big Factotum

The hotel.

My mother, the Big Factotum, felt compelled to show me the hotel where she and my dad spent their wedding night. She pointed out the exact room and informed me that was where I - ahem - got my start.

The room.

My brother is convinced that my mother was pregnant when she got married and that that is the only reason my parents married, but considering that my dad proposed at the Tombstone Bar in Medford eight months before the wedding, that my mom spent a couple of months sewing her wedding dress, that my dad was out of town for the months before the wedding at OCS, and that the wedding was in February and I was born in October, I don't give my brother's theory a lot of credence.

The fancy view from the room.


Heather Griffith Brewer said...

Considering the view...I can see why they found "better" things to do. Even though..ewwww.

Class factotum said...

Heather, they also watched "Gunsmoke" and ordered a pizza.