Monday, August 02, 2010

Marriage 201, Lecture 467: Just desserts

SH: We don't eat enough starches. We eat all this produce and you still complain about your weight. It's not like we're eating scalloped potatoes.

Me: I know! It's not like I can point to my fat and say, "Those were good doughnuts."

SH: Well, yes you can.

Me: Yeah, I know.


Heather said...

Ah ha, that is why I haven't been losing any weight!

TosaGuy said...

Where are the good donuts in the 'hood?

Class factotum said...

Heather, so sad but so true.

TG, I don't mind the day-old cake donuts from the 124th St Sendik's, but homemade are the very best. Which is why I only made them once this year.