Monday, August 16, 2010

Marriage 201, Lecture 48: Why buy the cow

SH: Did you buy milk?

Me: No. I went to Pick and Save and they don't have the kind we want. I was going to get it tomorrow.

My mom getting corn from another on your honor cornstand.

SH: But there's not enough milk for me to have cereal and you to have [half milk, half] coffee in the morning.

Me: So don't have cereal.

SH: That's not fair!

Me: You already told me you had an apple fritter for breakfast this morning.

SH: I did that so there would be milk tomorrow.

Me: Oh baloney.

SH: OK. But what about tomorrow?

Me: Either get up before I do or have another apple fritter.

SH: I never get up before you do.

Me: Then I guess I win.

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