Monday, August 09, 2010

Marriage 201, Lecture 943: Screaming like a leetle girl

SH: There's a mosquito in here.

Me: But you're not freaking out.

SH: If it were a wasp, I would be.

Me: What about a mud dauber?

SH: That's a wasp.

Me: A non-stinging wasp.

SH: It's still a wasp.

Me: But it doesn't sting.

SH: I don't care. It's still a wasp.

Me: Wasps are black and yellow. Mud daubers are brown.

SH: That's like saying just because someone is purple he isn't a person.

Me: No, it's nothing like that. I'm saying that the property of wasps that you don't like is the stinging and mud daubers do not sting.

SH: You can't tell.

Me: Yes. You can. Mud daubers are brown. Wasps are black and yellow.

SH: There could be a mud dauber that stings.

Me: Never as far as I know.

SH: But you don't know.

Me: You are an S-I-S-S-Y.

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Heather said...

LOL! Join me up for the sissy club!!