Thursday, August 19, 2010

What I will do for a purse

You know how some bloggers review products or promote items and always have that disclaimer that they got no compensation for said review/endorsement?


I only endorse for money.

Or for early access to the Kate Spade lavender suede pumps that I CANNOT BELIEVE I DID NOT BUY LAST YEAR FOR ONLY $39. Or the Hobo red leather purse for $18 because I 1. did not know if it was leather* and 2. had never heard of the Hobo brand.

Oh, for a google phone so I could look those things up right away.

So. Here's the deal. If you are in Milwaukee or northern Illinois (or wherever Champaign is - somewhere in the cornfields, I think), you need to check out Divine Consign, the big consignment sale that Jessi and Jessica put on. Bunches of women bring their stuff that they don't use any more because sometimes, no matter how much you love an item, you just want a different purse SH! Sometimes things don't fit any more. Whatever.

If I promote the sale here, then I get first look at all the goodies. Considering that last spring, even though I was one of the hoi-polloi, I still got some really nice things (cute orange evening purse, lovely orange silk and wool scarf, a silk Ann Taylor sundress for $25, unused running shoes for $10, unused cute orange sandals - leathah! - for $8, several workout items, also unworn - honestly, what is it with people who buy stuff they never wear but then don't take it back to the store? My gain, though), I can only imagine what treasures will be available to the early birds.

Working at the Junior League Thrift Shop in Memphis was one of the few things I liked about the Junior League because I got first look at the clothes, as in a silk Michael Kors suit for $12. Oh yes.

I wasn't so crazy about babysitting the toddlers at the Salvation Army while their mothers took a parenting class, especially when it meant changing the diaper of the little girl who had poop falling out of her pants, which happens because the little girl was only two, but when her mother was called in, she grabbed the little girl and got mad. Apparently, the parenting class was not helping. Things like that, plus the ~$200 it cost to be a member helped solidify my dropout decision.

The Elm Grove sale is Sept 16-18; the Champaign-Urbana one is September 23 - 25; and the Whitefish Bay Jewish Community Center sale is October 21 - 23. I will be going to both the Elm Grove and the JCC sales. Before you do. Ha.

* Purse makers: if it's leather, holla. Brag. I can usually tell silk just by feeling the fabric, but I am not so sure about leather vs some of the fakes.


Lindy said...

Well, I, for one, will be attending this sale and did in the spring because of your recommendation. I'm not crazy about used clothing ... but I bought two pairs of new shoes; a fall blazer; and a multi-color shell which goes with everything. How lucky you get in early!!

Class factotum said...

Lindy, you, too, can get in early if you volunteer. Check out their website for more info.