Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Marriage 201, Lecture 43: While the cat's away

SH left for Portland Sunday morning. He has to be there until Saturday. The usual glamor of business trips: meetings all day and then email and all his regular work in the evening. Some nice meals out but usually, when I do his expense reports (which you will remember it took me three years before I convinced him that I was capable of doing his reports for him because you know I am so unqualified to enter receipts into an online program), I see receipts for Burger King or the like which I think we will all agree is not haute cuisine.

The only good thing about his being gone is that I get to go to bed early (i.e., before midnight). And wash things in the bathroom sink without hearing someone complain about it. And eat things he doesn't like, such as beans and sweet potatoes and squash and anything with "that orange flavor." I can pick the chocolate pieces out of the Kopps Never Enough Chocolate without hearing someone nag at me or having to listen for the footsteps on the stairs, which is my signal to throw the cover back on the custard and push it back into the freezer.

And I can work on my projects without interruption, such as finishing the canning that I started last week when my mom brought all those apples and we made and canned applesauce and apple butter and I made an apple pie with a crust of butter and lard and if you don't think that's worth having a slightly shorter life for, then you have never tasted my pie crust.

Want to know what I canned?

I'll tell you.

Over 50 jars, pints, half pints, and quarts, of these (low sugar - I don't like things so sweet they hurt my teeth and yes, I am looking forward to my root canal next week at the dental school where the baby oral surgeons need to learn to address their patients as Ms So and So rather than by their first names, at least if they want me to call them "Doctor") preserves:

Pear ginger
Mango peach
Apple butter
Rhubarb chutney
Plum cardamom
Fig ginger
Mixed stone fruit because I was too lazy to make smaller batches of peach, plum, and pear

SH wants to know if I am preparing for the apocalypse.

I ask him the same question every time he gets a new shipment of wine. The score is still

Wine 300+, preserves 50

It is soon to become

Wine 300+, purses +1 or +2 depending on what I see at the Divine Consign Sale tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Recipes?? sounds very yummy?

Fijufic said...

Mango Peach?! Don't leave it outdoors to cool...It may be gone.

If you find it on my counter being devoured I'm just going to say "it wasn't me..."

I must confess to liking my own personal time while my wife is gone. I accomplish many things.

She always acts stunned on upon her return.

She is a lot of company however.