Friday, September 17, 2010

Marriage 201, Lecture 487: You bring a knife, I bring a gun, or, MAD part 2

Yet another box of wine arrived yesterday. Two boxes this week with probably six or seven bottles. Good price! SH claims.

I have told him that every time he buys extra wine (he already gets two bottles a month as part of his Wine of the Month club), I will buy more shoes or purses.

This latest wine shipment came after I bought the purses and shoes at the Divine Consign sale.

Question for the audience:

Do I buy the red cowboy boots (on sale for $49.99 at Sheplers) in retaliation? Or will I just escalate the tensions? What do I do if he buys even more wine? HOW CAN I STOP THE MADNESS?


John0 Juanderlust said...

Buy the boots and matching cowgirl outfit, with lariat.. The fear factor will either serve your purpose or turn him into a raging wino, which at least clears some space.

Heather said...

Well a girl could always use a nice pair of red boots!

Don't know how to help with getting him to stop or slow down. I sure hope this wine is an investment and not his drinking supply!

Gary said...

Take that "How to become a wino in ten easy lessons" course SH wanted you to take.

Jen on the Edge said...

Buy the boots!

Anonymous said...

Buy the boots AND buy a case of wine. He won't say a word about the boots.