Saturday, September 25, 2010

Marriage 301, Lecture 502: Just desserts

SH: We might have to take the brownie [that we got from my dad's cousin at the farmers market this morning in our bratwurst/bread/brownie exchange] to the music festival [where the second band started 40 minutes after the scheduled start time, which ticks me off to no end because really, is it that hard to either create or stick to a darn schedule?].

Me: But you just finished a huge lunch.

SH: I haven't had dessert.

Me: You had an apple fritter at home and a churro at the market.

SH: That wasn't dessert, that was breakfast.

Me: Those are dessert foods.

SH: But it wasn't dessert. It was breakfast.

Me: So it's the timing, not the content?

SH: Dessert is a post-meal food.

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