Friday, September 24, 2010

Marriage 301, Lecture 520: My freakout vs SH's freakout

What makes SH freak out:

Dropping something that does not break or something that does break. Either kind of dropping prompts a freakout.

A tiny scratch on the car.

The basement flooding.

A wet newspaper.

A cat throwing up.

Spilled milk.

Anything that is against perfect order but that can be repaired or re-established easily.

What makes me freak out:

Getting my new migraine drug, Lyrica, in the mail from the mail order pharmacy and discovering that I have been charged a $100 co-pay. The co-pay on every other drug I have taken in the past ten years has been $20.

And guess what? You cannot return drugs to the pharmacy for your money back, even if the package is unopened. Thank you, Congress, for saving me from myself. Like I didn't have something else to use that $100 on. Like red boots.

SH's reaction to $100 drugs is to shrug and point out that he spent more than that on wine last week. Which does not make me feel better.


MrScribbler said...

Maybe if you had spent $100 on wine you wouldn't feel as bad about the $100 co-pay on Lyrica. Heck, maybe you wouldn't have even needed the pills! At least 'til the next morning, anyway....

Lindy said...

I hope the Lyrica helps!! Sometimes high co-pay drugs are worth the price.