Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bus stop lessons

What I learned in the three minutes I waited to cross the street from the lady who was waiting for the bus:

1. She couldn't drive because she had water on her foot and can't feel her feet but she'll be back at work on Dec 12
2. Her favorite restaurant is the Chinese place down the block
3. But she takes her kids to Red Lobster, her other favorite, every other month
4. She works OT and cleans houses on the side because she loves money
5. And because her kids are in private school because they weren't learning anything in public school
6. Her cousin is a lawyer in Texas
7. She never finished college because she has a learning disability but she's going back in January
8. She was visiting her aunt at the nursing home on the corner because the aunt had surgery recently
9. Her brother's recently ex-wife lives ten blocks from the bus stop
10. But she hasn't been to visit because she hasn't been invited.
11. She doesn't just show up at someone's house without being invited because she's Not Like That
12. If you invite her, she will go. But she will not just show up.
13. She'll be at the Chinese place next Monday at noon and if I show up, she'll treat me to lunch.


Gary said...

You forgot #14, which is "CF has an excellent memory".

Anonymous said...

Wow...sounds like that lady forgot to take her meds today....

Lindy said...

I agree with Gary... you do have a good memory!

The last time I took a city bus and the women next to me turned and said, "I can't help it... I have exquisite taste in wallpaper." I'll never forget it.

Lindy said...

Sorry... should be woman NOT women.

Class factotum said...

Lindy, that would stick in my mind, too. The curse of good taste. The burden she bore.