Thursday, October 28, 2010

Don't hate me because I have good eyebrows

My sister has naturally curly hair that she BLOWS STRAIGHT. Women pay hundreds of dollars to get what she has naturally.

I don't want to make all of y'all jealous or anything, but a few weeks ago when my book club friends and I went to the beauty school to get our feet pedicured and our eyebrows waxed (fortunately, Julie has recovered just fine from that little miscalculation her student waxer made), the beauty school teacher, when summoned by my student stylist, said I had perfect eyebrows.

Oh yes.


The student had asked the teacher exactly what she was supposed to wax off my face as my eyebrows were already perfect and the teacher was as puzzled as the student because I Have Perfect Eyebrows.

I'd always been secretly a little bit proud of my eyebrows, but now I knew that beauty professionals validated my opinion and let me tell you, there was no dealing with me and my ego on the ride home.

Before you start hating on me, though, let me tell you what I am considering spending $100 on because it is not perfect:

My hair.

My hair used to be perfect - see photos above of the four year old Class Factotum rocking a bikini. Naturally blonde, silky, smooth hair.

What do I have now? If not for Clairol #24 Clove, I would have drab, mousy, graying hair. Thanks to science's diligent efforts that allow us to reclaim hair and fool men into thinking we are still fertile, I have rich brown hair. Except at the roots around my hairline, of course. Nothing I can do about that but be eternally vigilant, but eternal vigilance is the price of hair freedom.

What I don't have is silky, smooth hair.

And I thought there was no way to reclaim that hair. Sure, I can use my straight iron to smooth it, but there is only so much cooking you can do of your hair before it is destroyed.

Then I heard about the Brazilian Blowout and no, it's not what you think. Or what I thought.

It is a hair treatment that makes your hair smooth and silky.

My friend Marta had it and made a little movie about the experience. My friend Ilene had it.

I want it.

It costs $150. Or $100, as my hairstylist's colleague said she would charge me because I don't have long hair.

Which I was thinking, OK, that's not sooo much money, especially if I accept the pay for being a poll worker, although I was planning not to cash the check because seriously? it is a privilege to live in a country where we run the government and I consider it an honor to work at the polls. I didn't even know it was a paid position. Plus it's too much trouble to deal with the tax implications and it's not like I don't have the time available.

But. I could take that $47.50, $23 after taxes, and apply that to a blowout.

Except the cost doesn't end with the blowout. Once it's done, you have to use special shampoo. Which is not the special shampoo I already use to keep the Clairol #24 Clove from fading too quickly. It's probably expensive shampoo.

How much is good hair worth?


Bohemiandoc said...

Definitely 100$ or even 150%. Smooth Brazilian Blownout hair is MARVELOUS! Going for my second one today!

Fijufic said...

That was your Jayess profile pic!!!

I get a 5.00 haircut and pay 10.0 because I think 5 is too cheap. My hair? Already a blowout...

Jen on the Edge said...

Good hair is worth whatever you're willing to pay for it.

For me, that's $60 every 5-6 weeks for a cut, $20 every 3 months for shampoo, and (my newest thing) $70 every 4-ish months for highlights. My husband scoffs at the expense -- I cut his hair for him -- but I believe I'm worth it. :-)

BethanyC said...

Uhmm, I won't go into how much my good hair is worth because the Finman might peruse the comments, not likely but possible.

However, I did hear a piece on All Things Considered today about Brazilian Blowout. This is from the online synopsis, "It doesn't have any harsh chemicals listed among its ingredients. But some stylists say it burns their eyes and causes breathing problems. Now, a new study shows the product actually contains formaldehyde."

Link is here, if you're interested:

John0 Juanderlust said...

Poll worker has not always been a paid job. I did not realize that it had changed. Maybe only in overly bizarre urban areas of yankeeland do they think they have to pay someone.
At least you'll be there to keep people from offering to help voters by doing the voting for them.

Anonymous said...

I travel constantly for business, so having hassle free hair is a must. I recommend the Brazilian Keratin process. I’ve been doing it for a little over a year and love it. My hair is soft and shiny – and only takes 5 minutes to blow dry. Drying used to take 20 minutes and my hair would frizz the instant the weather turned humid.

The newer versions of the formula do not contain formaldehyde. There are two process options: one that lasts 6 weeks and another that lasts about 4 months. I pay about $250 every 4 months. You have to use a shampoo that is free of sulfates. I use Pureology Antifade complex (shampoo and conditioner). They are expensive, even when I buy by the liter, but I like the results. I think L’Oreal’s Everpure line is sulfate free and about $7 at Target – so there are alternatives.

A couple of quick notes on timing: 1) You should refresh color your hair before you have the Keratin process. I’ve been told not to use color for 2 weeks afterward. 2) There is a waiting period after the process before you can wash your hair. For the 4 month version it’s 72 hours and ~12 hours or so for the shorter version. It sounds disgusting, but it’s not that bad as your hair is washed 3 times before the straightening to remove any product build up. I usually have the process done on a Thursday evening so that I can wash it out on Sunday night and be ready for the workweek.

Also your may be straighter than you would like for the first 3 days. This is normal, it relaxes slightly after the 1st wash.

Let us know what you decide.

AndiMAC said...

It still has formaldehyde in it. They just use different names for it.

Why do you think Ive been in the salon industry for so long. Beautiful hair doesn't come cheap!