Friday, October 15, 2010

Houston 1

The Physics Lecture Hall, where my college boyfriend and I spent many happy hours necking. It is also the place where I realized I did not understand what the Physics 101 prof was talking about freshman year - all those funny long "Ss?" What were they? So I switched into self paced physics, which was physics for people who will not be engineers after all, but carried not the shame of academ physics. I did get an A. And I got a B+ in differential equations my sophomore year, but the damage had been done: I changed from from bioengineering with the intent to go to med school and then design bionics to English. What a great career move!

Doorknob to the Physics building.

Other schools hang sports championship banners in their basketball arenas because they have sports championships in their history.

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Fijufic said...

Rice is a very nice school. I loved Physics in College. My teacher was absolutely fantastic in the subject. I got an a and a B+ only because the teacher was that good.

My degree is in Biology. I am a businessman. Dreams of med school went out the window while I worked in the hospital psych ward.

Not my cup of tea.