Friday, October 22, 2010

Marriage 301, Lecture 307: Politics makes strange bedfellows

This is not the all-shoes, all-purses, all the time network. Although wouldn't that be nice? This is a place for Deep Thoughts and Serious Commentary about Life. I promise I do not spend all my time buying shoes. Most of the time, I am contemplating the Big Issues: world peace, hunger, global warming. Indeed, SH and I spend a lot (a LOT) of time "discussing" these very things. I have to drag him into the Serious Conversations because he would much rather talk about Friday Night Lights or bacon, but I tell him I need the intellectual stimulation of "discussing" politics and religion with him so I can know why I am so Wrong About Everything. How unenlightened would I be if I didn't have him to tell me?

"Can't we just talk about how we can move back to Texas?" he begs me, but no. I insist.

"Please! Tell me what you think about the Wisconsin gubernatorial race!" I implore. "Please advise me on how I should vote as my opinion is not worthy!"

He hates getting into controversial topics, but he does it for me.

That's amore.

But when we are not having a calm, reasoned, polite "discussion" about politics and when I am not trying to solve all the world's problems by myself, I think about shoes. There is hardly any brain space left for shoes after I get done thinking about the hard things, but I do work it in.

By "work it in," I mean, "Go to the big Divine Consign sale 20 minutes from my house with my friend Julie and spend 90 minutes there sorting through shoes, purses and dresses until I find the perfect shoes, perfect being a flexible definition meaning 'I can squeeze my feet into these size 8s and I'm sure I won't be crying after walking three blocks in them.'"

The next thing I need to do, after contemplating a unified field theory, is work in a trip to the fancy consignment store to find a dress to go with the teal leopard print suede shoes with the tangerine ribbon.


Jen on the Edge said...

Oh my god, those shoes are divine. *much jealous drooling*

Class factotum said...

Aren't they gorgeous? Now I have to find something to wear them with.