Sunday, October 31, 2010

Marriage 301, Lecture 375: In which I get to say "I told you so" to SH and how sweet it is to have your shoes applauded at a restaurant

Remember the teal leopard print shoes with the tangerine ribbon? The ones in the photo above? The shoes that have replaced The Red Shoes as my favorites? That I got at the Divine Consign sale?

Let's have a little moment of silence while we look at these shoes and their complete awesomeness. Regardez les chaussures turquoise imprimé léopard!

These shoes stopped traffic last night.


Stopped traffic.

Last night, SH and I went out to eat, which we don't do that often because 1. we are really good cooks and have a deep freezer full of meat and 2. I am a cheapskate.

But I wanted an excuse to wear the teal leopard print shoes. Wouldn't you?

I wore them with a brown skirt, cream ruffled blouse and a tangerine silk/wool shawl. The tangerine tied it all together, you see. Plus it was cold last night and I needed the extra warmth.

At the restaurant, I crossed my legs so that my foot (and the shoe) showed at the side of the table.

As we were waiting for dessert, my efforts paid off. The owner of the restaurant walked by our table. Looked down. Stopped. Gasped. Said, "Your shoes are gorgeous!"

I beamed. "Thanks!"

The waiter next to her turned to look.

"Oh yes!" he exclaimed. "Those are fab!"

I turned to SH. "I told you so!"

The owner looked puzzled.

I explained. "He didn't understand why I like these shoes so much and why I had to get them."

The owner shook her head. "They are O. M. G.!"

We were gathering attention. Which I hate. Ha.

The women at the table behind me said, "Let us see!"

I showed them the shoes and they twittered approvingly. "He didn't think I should have bought them if I didn't already have something to wear with them!"

They glared at SH.

People behind SH were craning to see, so I took one shoe off and held it up.

"Brava!" mouthed one man as he clapped lightly.

"I am vindicated and validated," I told SH.

He admitted that maybe I was right - that the shoes are extraordinary. The owner smiled approvingly at me as she walked away.


LPC said...

I applaud you too.

AndiMAC said...

Men just don't get it

MrScribbler said...

Can I get at least a round of golf-claps for the grade-A legs?

Yeah, men don't get the whole shoe-thing. Except for guys who are, well, ummmmm...never mind. That's their thing, and I won't diss 'em for being -- how do I say this? -- different.

But legs? A universal measure of appeal!

Jen on the Edge said...

I've been applauding you since you bought them.

Fijufic said...

Um, it must be a lady thing but I'll go woth it...

Fijufic said...

with rather...

Bonnie said...

Just read this... so very cool!!!! Love all the attention that you & the gorgeous shoes got... very worth it... ;-)

Kristin Buchholz-MacKillop said...

These are SWEEEET. The tangerine ribbon is the kicker!

Ohiofarmgirl said...

i victory... indeed.
ps you have terrific legs.
pss not a weirdo or a stalker