Friday, October 08, 2010

Marriage 301, Lecture 931: For worse

What we fight about:

1. Politics
2. Religion
3. Family (not mine and that's all I'll say about that)
4. Why SH is washing dishes instead of getting ready to go to the behind the scenes tour of the Pabst Mansion
5. Why I am nagging SH to hurry the heck up when all he wants to do is to be a dishwashing dawdler for a little while because the rest of his life is deadlines and pressure
6. Why we are late to see "The 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee" at the Marquette U theater, which is because SH thought there were still exits from the highway to Wisconsin Ave but those exits no longer exist now that the construction has been completed and because when we came up Calhoun instead, SH didn't know how to get to the theater from Calhoun, which bugged me because I had asked him before we left the house if I needed to draw a little map and he told me no, no, I didn't, and I asked didn't he know where the theater was as opposed to just knowing how to get to it from a certain point and he said that was a dumb way to think about it and I said no it wasn't, it was better to have a map in your head because then you can get to your destination from all points, not just Wisconsin Avenue, and then he didn't want to ask the college girls running ladders how to get to the theater but I have no problem asking for directions so he was lucky to have me with him.

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Fijufic said...

That man is all dude....I like him already!