Thursday, November 11, 2010

Marriage 301, Lecture 373: The big inheritance

Me: I was at [an elderly neighbor's house, delivering supper because his wife is in the hospital] and they have a clutter problem.

SH: As bad as my parents?

Me: Bad, but in a different way. They [the neighbors] have stacks of newspapers and magazines but don't have all the tchotkes your mom and dad have. They don't have frogs all over the place.

SH: Can't you wait until all that stuff is ours?

Me: I don't want all that crap. I especially don't want the frogs.

SH: But what if I want them?

Me: You will have to choose. Me or the frogs. You can't have both.


Fijufic said...

My wife has a thing for frogs...

Anonymous Mother said...

NICE Corningware!