Thursday, November 11, 2010

Marriage 301, Lecture 506: A thousand words for "snow"

I don't care what anyone says. I love animal prints. Sue me. And consider yourselves lucky that I didn't buy the zebra-print purse that was also at the store.

Me: I found a coat for Paris.

SH: Another coat? You don't need another coat!

Me: I needed one for Paris.

SH: What's wrong with the coats you have?*

Me: None of them are right for Paris.

SH: What about the green one?

Me: Too short and the air comes in the bottom.**

SH: Why haven't you gotten a Paris coat before?

Me: Because we weren't going to Paris before!

SH: Whatever.

Me: I got it at that consignment shop. I took a purse in there to sell and it turned out that I had a $60 credit from stuff of mine they'd sold, so I didn't even have to put out any new cash for it.

SH: How much?

Me: $23.

SH: Gold digger.

Me: I married you for your money, you know.

SH: Actually, every time I get a box of wine, it costs more than that.

Me: I don't need to hear that.

* I have discovered that in a cold climate coats are like snow shovels. You don't have just one, you have one for every occasion. You have a suite of snow-removal equipment and you have a selection of coats.

** It is one of those swingy cute coats that I got at the Lands' End big sale last year and that don't provide much in the cold-protection arena.

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Jen on the Edge said...

Well, with the new coat, the red Docs, and the cute leopard print shoes, I have serious wardrobe envy. You're going to look great in Paris!