Saturday, November 06, 2010

Marriage 550: Marquess de Milwaukee

SH: Why did you [blah blah blah]?

Me: Oh. I don't know.

SH: But now [really really bad outcome, like an extra five minutes' work]!

Me: Oh yeah. You're right. I should have thought of that.

SH: But that was dumb!

Me: Yeah. It was. [And then I solve the problem.]

SH: But why? That was dumb!

Me: Yeah. I know. Now stop.

SH: But! But! [gripe gripe gripe]

Me: Once I have stipulated that you are correct and I was wrong, you are not allowed to gripe at me any more.


Anoymous Mother said...

When one wants to sustain a happy marriage, one should NEVER use the words "you" and "stupid" in the same conversation. Just saying . . .

Anonymous said...

This one DEFINITELY belongs on a refrigerator door somewhere.....