Sunday, November 28, 2010

Paris 11: Le dimanche

Not the falafel place where we ate, but the competing falafel place across the street. Neither were open yesterday when we went in search of lunch with a college friend.

The snails guy at the producers' market.

Patient dogs at the butcher.

This is the tartiflette we had last night. Potatoes, cream, cheese and bacon. Unfortunately, the bacon was a little gamy for my taste, but the idea was excellent.

On our walk to the producers' market. We are all about the food. BTW, it is 15 degrees colder here than forecast, so I am really regretting my thin (but funky) zebra coat. I did bring my down vest, thinking some days might be too warm for the coat but hahahaha. I have been wearing the two of them together, along with two camisoles, one t-shirt, and a cashmere sweater. I have still been cold. Teach me to trust a long-range weather forecast. Next time, I bring the long underwear and the full winter coat.

Les lapins for Laverne.

The wandering minstrels at the market.

Lots of dogs in Paris. This one, poor thing, was shivering. Skinny little dog with sparse fur. I used to laugh at those dumb dog sweaters, but this poor dog needed a sweater.

I am not a dog person, but I have to say that all the dogs we have seen in Paris (and there have been many, for they go to the restaurants and the grocery stores with their owners) have been very well behaved.

BTW, well done Paris on (mostly) solving that dog poop problem. Until today (maybe on Sundays the law doesn't apply?), SH and I have not had to watch the ground as we walked.

This vendor and his wife at the producers' market are eating their Sunday lunch, complete with green salad and wine. To do otherwise would be uncivilized.


MrScribbler said...

Maybe a nice rabbit-fur coat? Looks like the market you visited could help you out....

Anonymous Mother said...

Seeing all your photos SO makes me wish that digital cameras had existed when we lived in Spain.