Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Paris 15: Le prochaine fois

1. Just because the forecast is for the mid-40s does not mean it will not be below freezing almost every day. A cute consignment-store zebra coat might be good in theory, but in practice, the big red Eddie Bauer down coat would have been the better choice.

2. And nobody would have cared because even though Paris might be a fashion capital, the women here are not stupid and they hide their fashionable clothes under warm coats. Warm does not always equal pretty. Except for the fur coats, but that's not going to happen for a while.

3. There is probably no reason to bring emergency Pop Tarts to Paris because it is not hard to get good food here, even in the Hilton executive lounge.

4. I am done with budget travel. Three nights in hotels we had to pay for vs six in the Hilton on SH's hard-earned hotel points? No contest. I like luxury. I like not being able to hear every door open and close on our floor. I want a comfortable bed and thick towels. I do not want the heating system to be the clerk advising SH, upon SH's request to turn on the heat, that there are blankets available in the armoire. OK, that was in Morocco, but still.

5. Doc Martens might be cute and edgy but they need more than a month of at-home breaking in before they go on an international trip. Take band-aids. They sell them in Paris but they are much cheaper at Walgreen's. Or maybe they just need the Good Socks.

6. All those ziplocks? Keep one in the purse so when you don't want to eat the other half of the delicious quiche you ordered for lunch, you can slip it into the bag and then into your purse instead of removing the sesame-anise chocolate from the paper bag it came in, wrapping it in your paper napkin, and using the chocolate bag for the quiche. Yes, even that can be done so discreetly that even the couple sitting right next to you doesn't notice or doesn't appear to notice, such that SH is inspired to do the same thing with his leftover bread. We do not lose our thrifty ways just because we are traveling.

7. No matter how much you work out, walking five miles a day plus nine on Sunday will wear you out. But it will also help you justify dessert every day.

8. Those ziplocks are handy to bring any leftover bread home for bread pudding and strata. What? Oh like you would put it in the trash? Please.

9. Long underwear. Two pairs at home and none here. Dumb.

10. Sunblock. Not really necessary in Paris in November.

11. Parisians walk on the left. Except for on the subway stairs, where they walk on the right. Sometimes.

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Lindy said...

I always travel with my Lands End silk underwear. It is light as a feather, but has saved me from freezing several times. I put it in my carry-on luggage.

It's been so much fun to follow your trip! Prepare yourselves for chilly weather when you get back.