Friday, November 26, 2010

Paris 9: Du vin

Serrano ham at the Paris wine show. Yes, we went to the wine show* at the convention center and yes, of course there was also serrano ham there. Everywhere we turn, reminders of the serrano ham tragedy of Ought Six.

The very cute Alsace ladies at the wine show with their delicious gewurlitzer wine that I actually liked, but really, getting liquids to the US is such a pain that I think I'll stick to diet Dr Pepper.

You thought the accordion player on our Charles de Gaulle-Paris train was a one off? Oh no! This man is the third transportation system accordion player we've seen. A trumpet player boarded the subway car across from us. This guy, Accordion Player #3, played several songs, including "When the Saints Come Marching In," and he sang, so we gave him money.

* Even better than going to the wine show is that we got in free. Yes, gratis. All those times of giving away our extra tickets and passes to events to people waiting to get in paid off. Our ticket karma was good. As we were walking in, some scalpers tried to sell us some cheap tickets, but we had no idea if they were counterfeit, so we declined. The man in front of us overheard and said that he had an extra free pass. He handed it to us and voila. We were in.


Staircase Witch said...

I seem to remember that street and subway music in Paris was generally fantastic. Once, while waiting for the Metro at the George V station, we were treated to a rendition of Shostakovich's eighth string quartet.

Sam Sattler said...

Just a quick comment to let you know how much I'm enjoying your vacation. It's almost like being there. :-)