Monday, December 27, 2010

Marriage 301, Lecture 339: Old-timers' disease

As we are watching Friday Night Lights.

SH: Wait! Why is Smash trying to get a walk-on spot? What about his scholarship?

Me: He lost it.

SH: But then he got the other one to Whitmore.

Me: No, he lost that one, too.

SH: What? [grabbing the remote and hitting "pause"]

Me: He lost it.

SH: When?

Me: He lost it after he got injured.

SH: When?

Me: LAST EPISODE! [which we watched one day ago]

SH: He did?

Me: You are not very good at watching a soap opera. [I, on the other hand, can still recite the major plot lines from General Hospital summer of 1979, including the Scottie/Laura/Luke drama and the stuff with that nurse played by Jackie someone who wanted Scottie who wanted Laura.]

SH: How am I supposed to remember something that happened one or two episodes ago?

Me: I thought you were The Rememberer.


Anonymous said...

Yes, and Jackie Zemen's name on the show was Nurse Bobbie Spencer...and she was bad boy Luke's sister....White Chocolate

Anonymous Mother said...

This must be a Czech-Mex outfit!

Hello, White Chocolate!