Sunday, December 12, 2010

Marriage 301, Lecture 49: Anatomy of a drama

This is what happens when SH discovers water leaking into the basement and falling onto his wine boxes.

We realize it's water leaking in from outside because of the snow/rain combo. The guy who inspected our house had told us we needed to put in some more fill dirt back there to increase the grade blah blah blah and we didn't and now we have wet wine. We will do it this summer, along with painting the windowsills the proper way instead of just patching the bare spots.

We also realize that it is having overnight company is what seems to prompt basement water. Which means we might not allow any more friends to visit. Or not. Depends.


Anonymous said...

Are you referring to me as your bad luck charm house guest?


Class factotum said...

Nope. There was no water here on Thursday. Patrick and Ilene inspire some water and SH's friend from high school brought about full flooding last summer. My mother also timed her visit just right in '09.