Monday, December 27, 2010

Marriage 301, Lecture 669: For your own good

SH: I stacked the laundry baskets. I know you don't like it when I do that.*

Me: Then why did you do it?

SH: To give us more floor space!**

Me: We don't need more floor space in the laundry room.

SH: It also makes it look neater.

Me: No it doesn't. Besides, who cares if the laundry room looks neat?

SH: I do.

Me: You're nuts.

* It might be useful to point out that SH has today as a vacation day but is not using his power for good.

** May I also point out that SH has no problems keeping boxes - empty boxes - that he brought to Wisconsin from California and then moved into this house from his apartment on the floor of the basement and of his office, although he did start clearing the office boxes out yesterday so he could set up a stereo in his office. We also have six extra rolls of insulation stacked in the basement. We insulated the attic last year and had leftover insulation, which I wanted SH to return to Menards but he said we should keep it just in case we needed it. Good idea. You never know when you will need more insulation for your 1928 brick and plaster-walled house.

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