Monday, January 03, 2011

Marriage 301, Lecture 449: Blood and gore

SH: Oh no! OH NO!

Me: What?

SH: The steaks [which he removed from the freezer and put in the oven to keep away from the cats] have thawed and the juice has run all over the bottom of the oven.

Me: Why didn't you put them in a bowl?

SH: Why didn't you remind me?

Me: Because this happened to you last week. It didn't occur to me that you would need prompting.

SH: You should have reminded me.

Me: But you're The Rememberer.


Melissa said...

At least he didn't have them in the fridge. That would have been a really big mess.

Class factotum said...

Melissa, the "last week" when it happened was in the fridge. We are not very fast learners in our house, apparently. Fortunately, we have solid shelves (a friend's recommendation for just this kind of thing).