Sunday, January 16, 2011

Marriage 301, Lecture 509: Nuts to you

SH offering the perfect Wisconsin drink to his grandson.

SH: I didn't know what you had done with the fudge until I read about it.

Me: Yeah?

SH: I don't care. You can take all the nuts. [Because according to the SH Theory of Chocolate, all additions, such as nuts, coconut and bacon diminish chocolate. The only acceptable item to add to chocolate is more chocolate.]

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SH said...

A few things may be acceptable--for example, coffee/mocha flavors or cream cheese. Some hazelnut flavor can also be acceptable, but any other nuts are nowhere near as good as chocolate and will "drag down the average" of the overall concoction. Nuts are also too crunchy, so their texture is distracting. Bacon is just too weird and too savory for chocolate. (Would you want chocolate-covered steak or chicken? I guess that would be mole, but I don't like it.) For me, peanuts (and especially peanut butter) have a strong flavor that totally clashes with the flavor of chocolate. Yes, I know I'm weird!