Friday, January 28, 2011

Marriage 301, Lecture 597: Les intellectuelles

Me [after I've watched ten minutes of the movie]: Do you want to watch this movie [Mama's Boy] with me?

SH: No. I read the reviews. I don't want to watch it. I want to watch one of the other ones you got.

Me: But I think you'd like this. It's got a great cast and the main character is weird and funny.

SH: No! I want to watch a serious movie. I don't get enough serious movies.

Me: I really think you'd like this.

SH: No. Watch it without me.

Later, after I have watched Mama's Boy, because I am a gold-digger who won't get a job and spends her time on the sofa watching TV and eating peanut-butter stuffed pretzels, and after SH has returned from picking up Death by Chocolate frozen custard and a hamburger from Oscar's, we watch SH's pick, Margot at the Wedding. Twenty minutes into the movie, I have started to read a magazine.

SH: Do you like this movie?

Me: No.

SH: Why not?

Me: I hate everyone in it. They're all jerks.

SH: Do you want to keep watching it?

Me: No. Do you?

SH: It's interesting.

Me: But do you want to watch it?

SH: It's artistic. Would I have liked Mama's Boy better?

Me: Yes, you would. But I don't care if you keep watching it. I'm happy with my book.

SH: I dunno.

Me: You don't like it, do you?

SH: It got good reviews.

Me: But you don't like it.

SH: It's like that article you showed me where if you ask someone what movie they want to watch a month from now, they pick the serious, intellectual one but if you ask them what they want to watch right now, they pick Terminator Three.

Me: So do you want to stop watching this and watch Flashdance instead?

SH: Yes!


Michelle Zive said...

This is so typical of a conversation between a married couple. It irritates my husband to no end that I only want to watch fun, brainless movies. My reasoning is that I read and write dark, deep things, why the heck would I want to watch it, too? But I will "watch" a movie that he wants to watch while reading a magazine. This vexes him. He wants me to WATCH the movie I already told him I wouldn't watch. And the wheel keeps turning...

Class factotum said...

Michelle, exactly! There is enough darkness in real life. When I am watching a movie or a play (I'm talking to you, Speaking in Tongues), I want something that makes me laugh and makes me happy at the end. I do not want grim! I don't want An Important Lesson!