Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wisconsin 101: Sausage and beer

The Klement's Racing Sausages at Miller Park.

My mom has been doing all this amazing family history research. Last week, she sent me an email noting that my dad's grandmother, Elizabeth H., had been the witness at her sister Gertrude's wedding to Frank Klement. Their son John lived in Milwaukee. Klement's Sausage, a Milwaukee sausage company, was founded by John, George and Ronald Klement, who used "Grandpa Frank's" sausage recipes.

So now we want to know if Klement's Sausage is related to Gertrude and Frank because if so, we have a kissing cousin relationship to a big sausage company, which might mean that I could get the Klement's Racing Sausages Christmas ornaments without having to buy season tickets to the Brewers. I don't care about going to the ball game but I sure would like to have those cute ornaments. I'd pay. I don't expect anything free. But I just don't want to have to buy baseball tickets to get them.

My dad's cousin Greg and his wife Dolly, who own Wild Flour Bakery (Dolly ate some artisan bread 15 years ago and that was her aha! moment that inspired her to start the bakery), decided that all we need now is a brewer in the family and our food needs will be complete.

Of course, I already have sausage on my mom's side what with my uncle's deer processing business in Medford and our freezer full of venison bratwurst, breakfast sausage, and bacon. Still, it's not unlimited bratwurst, which means SH and I argue about which of our friends are worthy of being fed my uncle's bratwurst and which are not and I won't go into specifics here but let's just say if you have badmouthed me in the past to my husband that I am going to fight pretty hard against your eating anything but bread and water chez nous.

Did you really think he wouldn't tell me? Seriously? When you marry, loyalties shift. I won't tell secrets that have nothing to do with SH - if a pregnant friend swears me to secrecy, I keep the secret, or if she is talking about other stuff that has nothing to do with my husband, then I don't mention it - but if a friend of mine talks smack about my husband, he's going to hear about it.

Not that any of my friends would do that. 1. They all like SH. 2. They all have wayyyyy better manners than to trash talk a woman's husband to her face. My friends have a lot more class than certain people whom I will not mention but who will never get venison brats if I ever have anything to do with it.

PS I found this photo online, but the associated website is dead. So no photo credit.


Fijufic said...

I usually tell my wife if friends are talking smack about her unless of course the smack is true and it will upset her....

Class factotum said...

Bobby, I hear about the crazy stuff: how I used bad cabbage at our wedding, how I am too frugal because I rinse and re-use ziplocks, and of course the classic how I eat bacon wrong.

I have learned to just roll my eyes and thank God that my husband turned out great despite it all.