Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chats du jour: The Inspector

Here is Shirley looking at the new lamp that SH bought after he got tired of seeing me take the pretty lamp with the red lampshade and prop it up on the headboard so the light shone more directly on my book. Are my eyes getting even worse? Or is it the Damned Spirally Lightbulbs That Don't Shine Brightly Enough?

SH hadn't been to Menards in weeks, so he welcomed the chance to make a trip to his mecca, although he is not so keen on them since learning that one of the owners is a complete jerk. Yet he votes with his pocketbook, as do certain "We hate Wal-Mart but we shop there because they force us to because of the low prices but darit, we are FOR working people unless it's inconvenient for us!" others who cannot be named here.

Note that the lamp still has the plastic cover on the shade. This is not a style choice, although would we not all agree that plastic covering on furniture is a completely legitimate option for grandmothers who do not want their sofas to be stained by grandchildren's dirty hands?

Rather, it is a "I want to make sure I can live with a lamp that does not match my bedroom decor because really, form is far more important than function to me and I would rather worry about knocking over the cute red-shaded lamp that is tilted against my headboard and pillow than have a lamp that actually provides sufficient light but is not pretty."

SH maintains that it is a nice-looking lamp and I suppose that on its own, it is. It just doesn't match, not that I am all matchy matchy, but I do like a unifying theme and that theme usually isn't, "Actually functions and will keep me from going blind or getting a headache."

Naturally, it is made in China, so we also have the issue of do we support undoubtedly prison or prison-like labor just so we might have cheap consumer goods?

SH also ended his boycott of Target because we were running out of toilet paper and they had it on sale.

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