Monday, February 14, 2011

Marriage 301, Lecture 512: Bad Bacon Eater, Bad Cabbage User, Bad Oreo Eater

SH: Hey! Did you eat my Oreos?

Me: What do you mean [thinking I had buried the evidence in the trash really well but I guess I didn't poke the bag and middles down far enough]?

SH: You ate them and you didn't even eat the middles!

Me: That's because the middles taste awful. They're disgusting. I can't believe you eat them.

SH: You're not supposed to eat them if you're not going to eat them right. They're my Oreos.

Me: There are plenty more.

SH: But you're a Bad Oreo Eater!

Me: The day that there are no Oreos in this house, I will get in the car immediately and go to the store to buy you more.