Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Marriage 301, Lecture 582: Snowbound

The view from our front door.

Every muscle in my body hurts because the only way to train for snow shoveling is to shovel snow and apparently, three times a week or even twice in two days (including my elderly neighbor's driveway) is not enough to get me in show-shoveling shape. Even when you throw in the really crummy part of shoveling the wet, heavy crap at the end of the driveway that appears after the plow has gone by.

I hate that, especially because I have to lift a shovelful of sludgy snow, hold one end right by the blade of the shovel and then push with my other hand on the far end of the shovel to take some of the weight off the blade hand, and walk it ten feet before I find a place to put it. There is a fire hydrant on the south side of our driveway, so we can't put snow there, which means that the north side of the driveway gets piled really high, which means I can't toss snow there unless I toss it - and "toss" is not a word that one uses with heavy, sludgy snow - above my head.

We have more to shovel today. SH will even get the snowblower out. But first, he will have to dig his way to the garage. Which he will whine about, because he has been slammed at work and working even later than usual, partly because his Egyptian colleagues are literally offline (we hope they are safe - the three I met at a party in San Jose are super nice), which means SH and the other stateside guys have to pick up the slack. Business in Europe does not stop just because of a revolution in Egypt.

During the blizzard last night, there was snow thunder, which made the cats wake briefly. Shirley was quite puzzled, giving me a, "What happen is that?" look, but Laverne just rolled her eyes, yawned, said, "Yeah I've heard that before," and went back to sleep.


Fijufic said...


Claire said...

I truly don't know how humans survive those conditions... Be safe!

LPC said...

Hoping you are safe and warm today.

Jen on the Edge said...

We got three mega storms like this last year and, every time, the shoveling got worse and worse. By the last storm (end of February, just three weeks after the previous one), I had no idea where we were going to put the snow from our driveway, as the drifts on either side were already 6' high.

And you're right, there is simply no way to train for this type of exercise.

TosaGuy said...

After four hours of snowblowing my driveway and the neighbors, I felt completely beat up.

You do find out which of your neighbors are useless and lazy after such an event. We with snowblowers do help out the elderly and the otherwise indisposed, as well as those who are giving it a valient effort with their overmatched shovel. But we don't help those out who refuse to lift a finger to take care of their situation.

Class factotum said...

TG, there are several of us who take care of the 80-yr-old couple down the street. She just had a broken hip; he has shoulder and heart problems. They do have a child living a few blocks away and I think that person should get his butt over here more often, but I don't want to punish nice neighbors for having a jerk kid.

There is a guy around the block who never shovels his sidewalk. Every time I walk to church, I have to go into the street. For two years, I cut him slack because I thought maybe they were old, but then I saw them last summer: they are a young couple with kids. They could shovel but don't. They tick me off.