Sunday, February 20, 2011

Marriage 301, Lecture 620: Doing the Right Thing

Me: Maybe you should take one of the cloth bags [that I have been using since 1990] with you [as you walk to the grocery store and to the library]. It's easier to carry than the Sendik's [plastic] bag.

SH: Plus it's the Right Thing to Do.

Me: But more importantly, it's easier to carry because you can put it on your shoulder instead of holding it in your hand. Especially if you have heavy stuff.

SH: No, comfort and convenience don't matter. What matters is that cloth bags are morally superior to plastic.

Me: You're saying that you don't get environmental street cred for carrying a cloth bag because it makes things easier for you? That it is better if you suffer in some way?

SH: Yes. It's not supposed to be about comfort. It's supposed to be about Doing the Right Thing.

Me: Your side is nuts.


Joy said...

What I love about many Right Things is that they are efficient and economical in addition to having some sort of moral value. As my mother put it, she's been an environmentalist all her life, because she never had money to buy new stuff and thus had to reduce, reuse, and recycle before anybody thought it was hip.

Jen on the Edge said...

I carry my cloth bags because 1) they're easier and more convenient and 2) there's no waste afterward. I really hate corralling all those plastic bags and dealing with them. The fact that I'm being eco friendly is a side benefit.