Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Marriage 301, Lecture 640: Look for the label, part XXI

SH: I'm going to Madison again and I'm going to spend the night this time.

Me [resigned to SH's new mistress of political activism and my secondary status as The Wife]: Are you at least using points for the hotel room?*

SH: No! I'm not going to waste 25,000 points on a room!

Me: You're spending cash?

SH: Yes, but it's only $X.

Me: That's not an only.

SH: How about this? You go buy some shoes that cost $X.

* No he is not going to take a sleeping bag and sleep on the marble floor of the Capitol. He is not an ideeot. We might not agree on many of the issues, but we do agree that we want to be comfortable and sleep in a bed.


Fijufic said...

My wife is a political activist (health care practice guidelines for her discipline of Nurse practitioners) but fortunately her conversations hit the bullseye.

The Senator in charge of all that is my personal friend. Me? I stay the hell out of it. Sometimes he will ask me what I think of all this and I simply reply that "Both of you are crazy"

If you are dumb enough to run I'm happy to vote for you.


Uh no...count me out. I do vote but I would rather converse about something else.


TosaGuy said...

I see the capitol police are now going to ban sleeping on all but the ground floor and eliminate crockpots, tables, chairs and snakes.

Yes, snakes appear to be required indoor camping gear.

Richard in NY said...

So much for Snakes Rights. The right wing plutocracy wins again, damn their eyes.