Sunday, February 20, 2011

Marriage 301, Lecture 702: What are the odds of getting sick on a Saturday? Like a thousand to one?

Me: Shouldn't you be taking a shower [instead of re-arranging the cloth grocery bags in the car] so we can go [to the restaurant before we go to the 7:30 lecture about Milwaukee history]?

SH: Quit nagging me!

Me: I'm not nagging.

SH: Yes you are. I get tired of having to be someplace.

Me: OK. Whatever.

Later, at the restaurant.

Me [looking at the long line as SH parks the car]: Uh oh.

Random waiting guy: Yeah, it's a loooong wait!

Me: Well rats. [to SH] Not a chance. There is no way we can eat here and get to the lecture in time.

SH: What? But we're here early! What are all these people doing here on a Saturday?

Me: Yeah, what are the odds of people wanting to eat out on the weekend?

SH: What are they all doing there? It's early [6:20]!

Me: This is Wisconsin. People here get up early. This is not New York City.

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