Saturday, February 05, 2011

Wisconsin 101: Packer Nation III


In the great Pittsburgh-Milwaukee debate, we compare mostly the food.

Frozen custard

Primanti sandwiches with french fries on top

It's a tough decision. Those sandwiches are really, really good

Let us not forget, on the Pittsburgh side, Flashdance, the greatest movie ever about a dancing welder.


PS Churches have canceled their evening services tomorrow and funerals have been scheduled around the game.

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MrScribbler said...

If one were to take the "which has the best food?" approach to Super Bowl selection, I'd be expecting teams from Milan and Tokyo to be playing.

With a few players from a yet-to-be-determined city Down South to be named later. And nothing but Nathan's Famous hot dogs and In-N-Out Burgers available in the stadium.