Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Wisconsin 101: Wisconsin nice

SH claims that Wisconsin people are the nicest he's ever been around. I agree that people here are very very nice, although I think there are nice people to be found everywhere in the world. Harpo, my boyfriend before SH (and before the Gomez Idiocy What Was I Thinking?), thought the same thing. He came with me to my grandmother's 90th birthday party/family reunion several years ago and commented on how nice those people were in northern Wisconsin.

Maybe I'm just spoiled. Maybe I'm just used to living in places with nice people. It all seems normal to me. Here's the encounter I had with the lady at the Green-Bay-decorated Sendik's:

Me (on the phone): Hi. I just bought a box of clementines this morning. As I was unpacking them to put them in the fridge, I discovered that at least seven of them have started to rot.

Sendik's lady: Oh no!

Me: It was a big surprise because I always get good produce from you.

SL: Well, just bring it back in and we'll get you another box.

Me: I wasn't planning on going there again until Friday [two days from now]. I usually go after I go to the Y [which is across the street from Sendik's].

SL: Let me just get your name then and note it on the log. What's your name, dear?

Me: Class Factotum.

SL: You just tell them Joyce told you it was all set. And if you want to eat a few of the good ones before Friday, that would be fine.

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