Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wisconsin101: You can't get there from here

At the polling place yesterday where I was volunteering. The other volunteers were four older ladies who had been doing this together for years. Their main non-vote related activity was going through a huge bag of coupons one of them had brought. They very generously offered to share their coupons and their baked goods with me. I declined on the coupons but of course accepted a piece of chocolate chip pound cake because what, am I dumb?

One of them had a little notebook I admired. She had bought it at

Nice Old Lady #1: The Lang outlet, out on Blue Mound, in Brookfield.

Me: Uh huh.

NOL1: Past the Random Store 1. You know where that is?

Me: Nope. Is it near Kopp's [Frozen Custard, which OF COURSE I know]?

NOL1: No. There's also the Random Store 2. They have a big sale every year on calendars but not until January. I tell my husband don't buy me a calendar at Christmas. My birthday is January 12, so I tell him just get me a calendar for my birthday after they've already cut the price.

Nice Old Lady #2: You know, Random Store 1 doesn't discount their calendars, even in October! I asked them about it and they said oh sure lots of people buy their calendars in October. But I don't believe it.

Me: Hmm.

NOL2: It's past Calhoun, I think.

NOL1: No, no, no. It's by Pilgrim.

Me: I can google it. Thanks!

NOL1: It's just there by Random Store 3.

NOL2: I got the nicest pajamas there. Two for one!

Me: I don't know where that is.

NOL2: By the Random Store 4.

Me: I know where the Lands End outlet is.

NOL1: OK, if you go there, then turn around, you'll be on the right side of the street.

Me: I can google it. It will be easy to find.

NOL2: No, you just have to go to that Random Restaurant 1 and it's right there.

NOL1: Oh they have good fish fry.

NOL2: I know! We ate there last week!

NOL1: But the outlet has really nice stuff. At good prices, too!

NOL2: I've never been there.

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Joy said...

I want one of those I Love Wisconsin Cheese bumper stickers. I'll put it on my Manhattan fridge.