Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Marriage 301, Lecture 201: The clothes wouldn't have fit

After the fabulous spring Elm Grove Divine Consign sale (where I got the Teal Leopard Print Heels with the Tangerine Ribbon last fall).

SH: What did you get?

Me: Oh. Some stuff. I guess I need to get rid of* some of my clothes. I am going to be ruthless. If I bought new stuff, I can't keep the old stuff. If I didn't wear it this winter, it's going, no matter how much I love it.

SH: Like what?

Me: Remember that pink jacket (super well made, interesting, German) we got when we were in Northern California a few years ago? [The one I wasn't going to buy because it was too expensive, despite being encountered at a thrift shop in Humboldt, which is in the middle of nowhere, and which SH told me that he would buy if I didn't and I wouldn't let him because - get this - we weren't married. Yeah. Crazy silly, I know. I have been flexing those gold-digger muscles since, though.]

SH: Yes!

Me: That needs to go. I didn't wear it this year.

SH: But that's really cute!

Me: I know.

SH: And you love it!

Me: I know.

SH: You can't get rid of that. You have to keep it.

Me: Welllllll.

SH: [Rolls eyes]

Me: OK. I'll keep it.

* As in take to consignment. I used to give all my old clothes to Goodwill, but then I started getting nicer clothes. Although the tax deduction is nothing to sneeze at: Did you know that TurboTax allows $1.50 for underwear? What I want to know is who has the nerve to donate what I am assuming are used underwear and then take a tax deduction for it? If you think poor people are desperate enough to want your used underwear, shouldn't you just give it away? Are times so bad that you need to make money from your used underwear?

SH thinks I should give all my old clothes to Goodwill, pointing out that we have not reached a state of penury where we need to sell any of our used goods to buy food or pay for electricity. But I like the balance of selling some of the old stuff (still stylish, in good shape, of course - stained clothing becomes rags and out of style does go to Goodwill because I assume that someone would rather wear outdated but still in good shape clothes than go naked) to cover the price of the new stuff.

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